• Are you looking for a treatment that helps to develop increased mobility, relieves tension and stress, treats back, neck, shoulder or hip pain, and leaves the body feeling open supple relaxed yet energised?
  • Wanting a treatment that will help aid recovery from injury or speed up recovery time after training?

Thai Yoga Massage or (Thai Massage) is a powerful healing art unlike any other that has been an integral part of traditional Thai medicine for thousands of years.

In a unique way, this massage technique blends elements of acupressure, yoga, reflexology, physiotherapy, and chiropractic adjustments.

What happens in a session?

Thai Yoga Massage is done on a firm futon with the patient dressed in loose, comfortable clothing. A treatment is one hour or ninety minutes.

The practitioner uses his thumbs, palms, forearms, elbows, knees and feet to apply a combination of pressure, rocking, and twisting, joint and spine mobilisations and assisted stretches.

It is a truly wonderful form of bodywork and can be used to treat to either treat problems or as a maintenance treatment to promote wellbeing.

Please wear loose, comfortable clothing for this treatment.

Treatments are 60 or 90 minutes.

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