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Where are you at right now?

You’re suffering with tightness, pain and stiffness which is having a negative impact on your day to day life or in your chosen sport or hobby. Your stress levels are impacting your quality of life and your relationship with yourself and others.

Although fairly fit and healthy, you perhaps endure niggling pain – you might find that your sleep is disturbed and you can awake sore and stiff. You’re tired of forking out money for health care practitioners to fix problems that keep returning.

What you want help with.

You’re looking to learn how to maintain and improve mobility, flexibility and strength. You want to better support your body so that you can live free from pain.

You want to learn how to better cope with stress and enjoy the benefits of a calmer, clearer and more peaceful state of mind.

You would like to no longer rely on osteopaths, physiotherapists and chiropractors. You want to learn how to keep risk of injury to a minimum whilst developing a level of body awareness that enables you to perform at your best.

How can the classes help you?

Taught in a group format with a maximum of fifteen students, classes focus on developing strength and mobility. You will be given individual guidance and hands on adjustments to support you to get the most from each posture and to stretch you to achieve your unknown potential. The Freedom Yoga method also gives students a structure to work within and enables them to gain sufficient knowledge and body awareness to practice for themselves.

What’s included?

A class package of your choosing plus online videos and updates to support the development of your practice, health and wellbeing.

You would not be friends with just anyone and you would not get into bed with just anyone and in the same manner I will not work with just anyone. Why? Because whether or not I can help you will depend on whether or not we get on and have a connection. If we do not it would be unfair of me to waste your time and money and visca versa.

Not got the time for a call, lets not waste each others time.

If your interested in change and possibility but want connection and trust to be the basis of the journey click the Apply Now button and schedule a call.

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