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Here is how I can help you.

Online Package

An online platform and community for you to consisting of postural classes as well as guided meditations with QaA breath-work and group coaching calls.

Class Package

Looking for a regular yoga class with hands on assistance and expert guidance?

Body-Mind Transformation Package

You’re ready to change, integrate a complete system of physical mental and emotional well-being and take your best self into the world.

Here is what my clients say.

“It took Danny a while to convince me to join his classes as I thought that Yoga was slow and boring and not really a form of exercise.

Eventually I joined one of his classes and nearly died with exhaustion I couldn’t even touch my toes and didn’t have the strength for chataranga or upward dog, I used to ache for a week after, but I absolutely loved it. Danny’s expertise has helped me to finally touch my toes and to develop the strength that I needed.

Danny is extremely talented and a true inspiration, his classes are always varied and challenging, an absolute pleasure to attend.

I am now totally addicted to yoga and thanks to Danny’s amazing classes I have made the journey to teaching Yoga”


“Although I have always been fit and active, I suffered with niggling back pain for many years and after the birth of my daughter it was worse than ever.

A friend recommended Freedom Yoga to me I have now been coming regularly for almost 4 years. Physically, I am stronger, more flexible and feel healthier than I ever did when I was going to the gym three time a week. Danny’s expertise is phenomenal; he very quickly understands individual needs and manages to support and push you to make real changes in your body. His small classes also mean that he is able adjust everyone throughout the class so that you really get the most from every posture.

In addition to feeling and moving better than I have done in years, I enjoy the warm and friendly environment at Freedom Yoga and have made some good friends. Danny’s holistic and authentic methods have also introduced me to meditation and looking at yoga as a way of life rather than a means to an end and, for me, this has been really enlightening.

I can’t imagine what I would do without Danny’s classes now and thoroughly recommend you try!


“Sport has always been a big part of my life. Running, cycling and triathlon have provided much fun over recent years, However as I aged the injuries accumulated, not such fun.

Three years ago I started yoga in Danny’s small student focussed classes. I was hopeless! But I persevered and was encouraged and challenged mentally and physically to improve by Danny – he really cares and takes a great interest in his students.

The sporting injuries are gone I feel more robust and I ran a 2:59 London marathon this year at age 48.


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